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RV Electronics

Flat Panel TV Conversion

Do you still have a tube TV in that RV? We have been leading the charge in RV TV Conversions and we can help!

We can remove the old tube type TV, the converters, receivers, modules, and other outdated hardware. Often times freeing up space. Once removed we can modify the cabinet, install the new slim LED or Plasma TV, and have you down the road in no time. We carry many brands and sizes in stock.

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Electronic Fireplace Cabinets

There are many choices when it comes to supplemental heat for an RV. We offer a wide range of standalone units, inserts, and portable stoves.

Electric fireplaces are an emerging trend among cost conscious homeowners that want to use zone-heating techniques to lower their utility bills. Using mounted units, free standing heaters, and electric fireplace inserts, homeowners can strategically apply supplemental heating directly to the most commonly occupied rooms and turn their thermostats down for rooms that do not require all day heating.

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Interior and Exterior Lighting

Let there be light!

With the advent of LED lighting many RV’ers are converting. Why? Well LED’s are more efficient. This means they use less energy, create less heat, and enable RV’ers to be off the grid longer.

Our technicians can replace or install lighting anywhere on the outside or inside of your recreational vehicle. The possibilities are endless so don’t hesitate to ask.