Why automatic and manual dual roller shades are the right choice?

Todays recreational vehicles come with a wide array of optional equipment. From automatic slide outs to solar power systems. RV’s and motor coach’s are no longer detached living spaces that require you to sacrifice the comforts of home.

We believe privacy becomes a big factor when spending an extended amount of time on the road. That’s why we feel that dual roller shade systems are one of the most beneficial updates you can make to your RV or Coach.

So what is a dual roller shade system?

Dual roller shade systems combine two window coverings in one compact package. Each covering layer can be customized in a wide array of colors to match your existing Motorhome interior.

The shade layer/ day mode is made of high quality UV resistant material designed to cut incoming light and provide partial privacy.

The privacy layer/ night mode is a solid material designed to block all light and provide complete window privacy.

Manual or Motorized

Many systems come in both a motorized and manual configuration.

The manual shade system operates via and internal spring. By pulling either up or down you can adjust the shade to the appropriate level of privacy. This option tends to be less expensive due to the lack of electric motors and controllers.

Electric/Motorized shades offer push button convenience. Motorized shade systems operate via a main controller. Each mode is controlled by pushing the appropriate button for either day, night, or manual adjustment. These systems provide customers with the added convenience of operating all their shades from one location. Some systems can also be configured to open and close at scheduled times in the day.

Installation is easy

Installing a shade system in your RV can seem like a daunting task. Quite the opposite. Shades can be ordered to fit any window size and combination. Easy to understand instructions and flexible mounting options allow for quick replacement of your old shades and coverings.


We have been installing shade systems for over 25 years. We have seen many companies come and go. That’s why we choose to support AutoMotionShade systems. Their shades systems and rugged and durable. The components are made from the highest quality materials for long lasting function and appearance. AutoMotionShade stands behind their products providing a warranty that surpasses the competition.

Why buy shades from us

Dave & LJ’s sells AutoMotionShade roller shade systems. We stock many models and configurations. Our convenient location makes it easy to get your shades installed by our installation professionals. If you’re a do-it-yourself type person, we can do that too. Call Dave today and custom order your shades to be shipped direct to your home.