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Automotionshade RV Shade Systems for all types of including Recreational Vehicles, Coach’s, Motor Homes, Campers, Fifth Wheels, and Trailers.

We are proud to offer the AutoMotionShade shade systems. Automotionshades dual roller manual and automatic shade system brings privacy to your RV. Day–Night roller shades that can be operated either manually or powered and controlled by remote.

The day portion of the shade is a solar sunscreen giving great visibility looking out of the coach, while providing privacy looking back in!

The night portion of the shade enables you to completely block all light from coming into the interior of the RV.

In the cockpit area of a coach, the front shade is available in power only and is operated by switches. A coach that was equipped with power visors is an ideal installation, since you have wiring and switches already in place. For coaches with no power visors, we simply run the wiring and install the switches in a convenient location to be reached while driving.

Manual or Power RV Shades

On all other shade locations you can choose between manual or power. The manual shades are easily operated from any location on the shade by simply pulling them down to the desired location and letting go, a slight pull down and release allows the shade to retract slowly up. The shades have two adjustments per roller. One to set the upper most stopping point, the other adjusts the speed at which they retract.

Power shades for the coach are generally operated by remote. A sixteen channel remote can operate a whole coach worth of shades both individually or you can run all days or night shades at once with one push of a button.

RV Shades For 30+ Years

Auto Motion Shade has been supplying shades for the entire transportation industry and most major RV manufacturers for over thirty years and was the first to develop the two part day-night roller shade system.

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