There are many choices when it comes to supplemental heat for an RV. We offer a wide range of standalone units, inserts, and portable stoves.

Electric fireplaces are an emerging trend among cost conscious homeowners that want to use zone-heating techniques to lower their utility bills. Using mounted units, free standing heaters, and electric fireplace inserts, homeowners can strategically apply supplemental heating directly to the most commonly occupied rooms and turn their thermostats down for rooms that do not require all day heating.

Now, RV owners are utilizing electric fireplace heaters as well. The ability to use portable heating systems that do not require any installation, fuel, complicated safety precautions, and can be placed in small spaces makes them ideal for recreational vehicles. Dave & LJ’s RV Interior Design is happy to provide supplemental heating and ambiance solutions for homeowners, RV owners, and those families that own both.

No-Installation Ease Of Use

RV’s represent the freedom to travel and see the country like no other vehicle or vacation. Being able to get up and go is the allure that RV’s have for Americans. Electric fireplace heaters fit perfectly with recreational vehicles due to the same reason. Portable units can be placed anywhere with the only installation required being an electric outlet. Best of all, after parking an RV for the night, that same unit can be run outside when camping or just enjoying the night time.

Electric fireplace inserts make great additions to an RV to provide supplemental heat an ambiance. Inserts can be installed into any panel or recess within a cabinet, corner or entertainment area. The easy installation, which requires an electrical outlet and no venting or flues, is perfect for an RV owner on the road. The firebox is not a fire hazard, so it does not require clearances. When it comes to RV’s that saved room is paramount.

Best of all, electric fireplace heaters are extremely safe. The fire effect and electric heat produced is not combustible, does not require clearance from wood cabinets or other material within an RV, and is vent free. Fire hazards are not a concern. The same safe, clean, environmentally friendly electric heat and flame effects that can be enjoyed both at home and the road.

Use At Home And On The Road

Both portable freestanding units and fireboxes come with a great degree of versatility. In the home, they are used to efficiently provide supplemental heat as well as the ambiance of a fire.

Families can turn down their thermostat and save on utility bills. By using electric fireplaces to heat high occupancy rooms, family members can enjoy comfortable temperatures in those areas while allowing the rest of the house to stay a little cooler to save money.

When used in RV’s, electric fireplace heaters provide all of the same benefits. Those benefits are doubly important in a recreational vehicle in order to provide safe heating. Freestanding electric stoves fit well in tight spaces within an RV while still putting off plenty of heat and the ambiance of a fire. Built-in fireboxes provide a more finished, traditional fireplace feeling. Whichever type of unit fits best, Dave & LJ’s RV Interior Design offers choices to suit home or road use.

Warm Heat And Comforting Ambiance

Best of all, the aesthetic feeling of this type of electric heater is absolutely amazing. These units provide the same comfortable warmth one expects at home while creating an amazing ambiance. The simulated flame on the face of every heater is the perfect compliment for camping, traveling, and any winter vacation. Installed fireboxes provide that same atmosphere and warmth you would expect in a wood burning fireplace.

These warm hearth experiences are available without the hassles of real fires. Burning wood or gas in an RV is simply impractical and hazardous. Electric units are completely cool to the touch for maximum safety even around children and pets. Families can relax and snuggle up right to the system without any fear.

There are many choices when it comes to supplemental heat for an RV. Dave & LJ’s RV Interior Design makes it our priority to offer a wide range of standalone units, inserts, and portable stoves to deliver warmth and comfort on the road and at home.