Manual Shade Pricing


2 manual roller shades mounted on a single, compact mounting rail for easy and accurate. installation. Shades feature slow-rise speed controllers with adjustable upper stops. Available with either sewn in or exterior aluminum weight bars at no extra cost.


Either both or only one of the shades can be soap. with internal electric 12V DC motor (e.g. manual day shade and electric night shade), motors – with adjustable upper and lower trait stops-can be opera. through ex Sang wired wall switches or RF remote controllers. Controllers are portable 2-channel or 16-channel transmitters mat easily mount on wall. See surcharges below.

Single Shade:

For single daytime or night time roller shade.

Standard (Base) Fabrics:

Daytime Fabric – Woven. flame-retardant polyester sunscreen fabric which protects interior against sun. heat. glare and damaging UV rays. Provides good outward visibility and some privacy during daytime (does not give privacy at night while lights are on).

Nighttime Fabric – Vinyl-based. flame•retardant room darkening fabric which provides privacy at night or whenever desired, can also be used to fuller reduce heat during excessive outside temperatures.

Optional Fabrics:

Several different designer screens and privacy fabrics are available at a surcharge, as per separate specifications and upcharge table below Fabric Group B, C and D).