RV Flat Panel TV Conversion | Dave & LJ's RV Furniture & Interiors
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RV Flat Panel TV Conversion

Custom RV TV’s and RV Furniture

The team at Dave & LJ’s understand the importance of a RV Furniture and TV‘s and how it effects the living space of an RV. Until recently RV’s came stock with large bulky Tube TV’s and their enclosures took up a lot of space. With new technologies like LCD and Plasma Digital Flat Panel TV’s and Displays, it’s now possible to get more viewing space in a smaller package.

Upgrading TV’s

Upgrading or completely remodeling a TV/Entertainment Center is one of the most common installs in today’s market. At Dave & LJ’s, we carry a large selection, in stock, for our customers. Our skilled staff can remove the old bulky TV and replace it with a new flat panel ultra compact TV. Many times our customers opt for the cabinet area to be remodeled by our Custom Cabinets team. Our customers are always surprised with the difference of not just the picture of their TV, but also the amount of space they have with a Custom Cabinet.

As always Dave & LJ’s always carries the latest styles of RV Furniture such as Recliners, Wall Huggers, Free Standing, and other RV Seating to enjoy your new RV TV Conversion/TV Replacement.


Custom Overhead Storage

Custom Overhead Storage

Custom Overhead Storage